Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday, June 30, 2010: Chelsea, Mentor, & Man Date

I love the colors in this scenery of skyscrapers against the clouds.
My Frank steak I bought at Whole Food on 59th street at the Farmer Market with strawberry salad and potatoes. I was satisfied it was good.
Later today I had a meeting with my mentor at 5pm coming back late from Chelsea. Bryan was already waiting for me at the NYCAMS space so I gave him a tour of the space and mine with my artwork on display. Then we walked over to Starbucks which he offered to buy me a drink. We walked over to Madison Square Park where we sat on a bench and talked about our lives. He asked a lot about how I feel the project is going and how our collaboration groups are coming along. He talked about family and his trip to Detroit in a couple days for a family vacation. Since he will be gone for a week, it was good that we met up and we probably won't meet up against till July 17 or 18 when he can come back and see our finished product for our art show. While at Madison Square Park we people watch spotting what we thought was a crazy man talking to either himself or a bunch of pigeons but we realize he had a script in his hand so he must've been an acting student practicing his monologue. We saw two man who appear to be fighting but were really spurring against each other probably someone personal trainer. We talk about a lot of different things like what I will do after project is over to what I will do after college. After our conversation he asked if he can be any help with the project and how he can pray for me which I appreciated.

Apparently in New York there are 60 free "Play Me, I'm Yours" pianos scattered throughout New York City public spaces. When we first got to New York we spot one at Herald Square near Herald Towers where our housing it. Joseph found another Sing for Hope non-profit group piano located behind the golden statue at Columbus Circle. The cool part is Joseph was able to play and I was surprise to hear how well he can play.
Today we had a lot of studio time at NYCAMS which we use to make progress with our group collaboration. My group regather and collect our thoughts about the comments express during our first critique. We decide if we want to do images for the lightbox that are personal that it will naturally come through because we feel convicted in doing so. Jayson and I express we would like to work on images that have personal meaning to us, so that solve some concern if we were being genuine with our project. I feel my biggest "betrayal" remain to be seen with my relationship with my earthly father. My relationship with my father had developed over the years from feeling betrayed by his absence in my life spending more time at work than at home. For that reason I feel anguish against him and although I had forgiven him at times I find myself bitter about our relationship. I had made strides in constipating loss time with my father but whenever conflict arise between us I would accuse him guilty of being absent in my life which I learn is unfair.
Jayson I had notice shed some tears over his memories spent in the hospital after being diagnosed with Chrome disease. He has a severe case of Chrome disease which he didn't find out about till he had two intestinal surgeries to fix his digestive process because of the surgeries he can not digest any salad. Jayson had shared parts of his story to me butt I feel there's more to his story than what he had already shared. I can see how much he hate revisiting the past, so I understood how at first he rejected the idea of "going there". But after hearing others, I believe Jayson see that art can be a therapeutic healing process not only for Jayson but for others to share in. We made a list of what materials we would need today and call it a day.
After spending so much time in the studio I think the students were antsy and want to get out of the space into the busy pulse of the city life. David, Caleb, Daniel and I went to different Chelsea gallery hopping from 29th/28th Street between 10/11 avenue. We visited the Peter Blum gallery which has Jason Fox: Stations and Richard Allen Morris: New Works. Jason Fox's acrylic paintings are abstract, geometrical shapes of loose portraits referencing Malevich and Palermo. Richard Allen Morris small paintings are experimentation of surface painting straight from the tube on bright monochrome hue paintings reminder of Abstract Expressionism with an eye to Pop Art.
Other gallery we visited is called the Priska Juschka Fine Art Gallery which house Romain Bernini: Despite Walls and Landscapes which I thought were the most impressive body of work we saw today. His paintings deals with the state of the United States beautifully haunting paintings of entropy. In this post modern society we are often disillusioned with the merits of industrialism and idea of a utopian state. The paintings are ambiguities drawings of their audience in a alien like landscape referencing some idea of illegal alien immigrants who risk their lives to cross into American borders. The painting spell out a post-apocalyptic environment as if it looks like post-nuclear war with aggressive expression of paint and dripping of paint.

Sunny actually got our attention about what was going on outside our window on 28th Street. With Waldo's eyes Sunny spot a man sunbathing in only a thong which is quite disturbing. We all actually took a picture of him which is probably the most disturbing part.

Why does this picture show how easily amused Sunny is in seeing Joseph choking on yarn?

Today staff had the day off and all hell broke loose. Students were running around with yarn in the classroom Joseph tying up people and Larry think he is a Dragonball Z character. J/K the students were pretty tame today as we met in the classroom to discuss PR (personal relation) stuff and how we can promote our art show. Tiffany made some invitation cards as well as e-invite cards so the students and staff can send to their personal connections with professors, family, and friends who they would like to come to the grand opening. The street team will come up with other promotion ideas, such as social networks. If you have any ideas please feel free to leave a comment.
Tomorrow we have an amazing speak by the name of Sy Rogers who will make our minds explode with information about his testimony of sexual abuse and gender identity issues. He will speak on sexuality and our relation to it. He will talk a lot about the physical and spiritual aspect of sexuality in relation to God and to Christians. I'm excited as well excited about co-leading a Stripped small group tomorrow with Daniel. Stripped if you never heard of it is a new tool designed by Tanya Walker to lead others through talking about their spiritual journey with images and questions about art. I like the demonstration of it and can't wait to lead it. I will fill you in more about Stripped in my next blog.
Favorite Quote of the Day
"We should do Norah's Yoga time every day before studio time" Caleb

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