Tuesday, June 15, 2010

June 15,2010 Students Are Coming!acrash

Today marks the 6th day I been in New York City and nothing can prepare me for the anticipation of controlled chaos of students arriving into the city. I got my assignments of when to meet my disciples as they arrive to check in at Herald Square. I felt like every hour interval I would check my clock to expect one of my student to give me a call. But after the end of the day, Joseph,Jonathan, and Caleb all arrived with no trouble in that exact order.

My first impression from Joseph...
1) Well dressed I wonder if he was hot in those pants and dress shirt
2) Nice cap
3) Cultured individual
4) Well groom beard

My first impression from Jonathan...
1) Pack light
2) Blend in easily with peers

My first impression from Caleb...
1) Friendly
2) Smiles
3) Desire to learn how to get around New York City (his first time to the city)

These are my first-thoughts so as time goes on I love to share about what I see in Caleb, Jonathan, and Joseph. How they exemplify God's character through their lives and how encouraged I am to witness their growth here in the cit y as well grow myself in my character and walk with God. Ross spoke tonight about how remarkable this year Tribeca project is talking about theme of being captivated by Christ, changed together by the gospel, compelled to express love and life to the people of the campus, city and the world. I want to share with my supporters something I been learning while looking up what I can do as morning devotional for the arts track. Kind of remind me as I saw a rabbi today while walking back to Herald Square.

Hebrews word “Hesed” means “everlasting love and kindness” Psalm 136:1

“Oh give thanks unto the Lord; For He is good; For his mercy endures forever.”

The word ELEOS is either “mercy” or “compassion.”

The use of HESED describes a mutual relationship between man and between God. Translating it as ‘mercy’, ‘compassion’, or ‘love’.

HESED used to describe the actions of God in Psalm 136

1) redemption of Israel from its enemies and troubles

2) preservation of life from death

3) quickening of spiritual life

4) redemption from sin

5) keeping the covenants

Tomorrow we will be going out into the city with our students on a little scavanger hunt after a crash course in "how to use the subway". I wonder what God has in store for us to see and do tomorrow.

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