Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wednesday, June 24, 2010 Broadway!

Today was staff day-off yet the students and interns were still at NYCAMS working hard on their individual as well as group collaboration. My individual project was done in a few minutes after I thought about Zack's story and how I can incorporate it into a watercolor study. I make sure I post the final piece during my next blog.
My group collaboration is coming together well with our second day of interviewing people at NYU- Washington Square Park on 14th Street. We talked to so many people nearby the water fountain on a nice beautiful day. No one today turn us down when we asked them if they can answer our question: "What is beauty mean to them?" and took their picture. We ran into some interesting people mostly from Georgia for some reason which Emily find interesting since she's from there. We met an old guy with two russian boys here in the United States. The old man Ronald sang us a few songs and a Georgian song which Emily apparently never heard of. We ran into a group of hippes who are sitting around listening to their friends take turn playing their guitar and song in front of everyone.
The other students are working hard as well in the studio. I saw one team working on building a model replica of the gallery to demonstrate their design of their project use of the space. Other than that Jayson told me he's working on a triptych piece of a girl as the virgin mary coming from a Ukrainian girl story of her father's addiction with alcohol and force to moved to the United States which Jayson met while doing soularium. So far I am impress by how thoughtful and creative these students are about their projects. It sound like they are touched by other people's stories and see the connections already of their art and integration of their faith through their respectful media. Can't wait for our exhibition collaboration groups.

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