Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hi Everyone!

Hope you guys are enjoying your summer! As you may already know I had already left for New York City and right now staying at the 12thfloor of Herald Towers. I am really excited to see how God works in me on this project and how much He has in store for me in stretching my faith. 
Currently, I had raised the $3,600 amount of support asked of me for the project. But I am still accepting your contribution if you had not yet and would like to partner with me in this project. I would need about $150 more for the 4 days I am staying at the housing early for student intern orientations before the students arrive on Wednesday. If you are willing to contribute to my summer project cause, you can send donations through this website:

For those who wish to send me a check (checks make out to Campus Crusade for Christ) please send to this address:

Campus Ministries- Tribeca SP

Brian Dang

144 E. 44th, Suite 710

New York, NY 10017

Arrived at noon time I had no time to settle unpacking and head straight to our lovely home for the next few weeks at NYCAMS (New York Center For Art & Media Studies). To our surprise we found our feminline friend in a chair curious to see us being a human friendy cat. When we convene with our Art staff our friend meow and claw at the door making distractions as we go over important information. By the end of the meeting me covered a lot of ground from everything scheduled, to content of art teaching, discipleship training, review evangelism activities and our roles and responsibilities as student interns.

I was exhausted by the end of the day after travelling early in the morning to New York City. Hungry and tired my roommate Anthony and I went to chinatown together for dumplings at Joe’s Shanghai. Anthony have to escort me because apparently they lost my key and looking to get it replace. As annoying it is not having a key on the first day, I just have to be flexible to the changes. We waited 45 minutes at this place, but the wait was worth the food my first experience at a dumpling house and eating soap dumplings.

Settling already into my housing I had no time to rest getting straight to legalities and orientation of project for interns. Three hours passed after going over the schedule for the whole project, going over the theme of Intersection for this year art show and its purpose of connecting others with how Jesus intersect with every part of a person’s life not just their spirituality, and going over responsibilities and role as discipleship leader and content. After sitting through all that and travel I’m on the brink of need of rest as hunger hits.

For those who are willing to pray for me, please keep these prayer requests in mind:

- Pray for a supernatural handle of my responsibilities and role as a student intern (discipleship leader and arts staff jobs/responsibilities, leading prayer and devotional).

- Pray for unity, accountability, and much more to take place within my project group so that our lives will intersect so we can foster a healthy environment where we can grow in the Lord together.

- Prepare the area that God may send forth his Spirit to work already in the hearts of those we will come in contact with in sharing the gospel.

- Pray for the ability to absorb the information, skills, and training as I endure this project so that I may apply them in my life during my spiritual walk with the Lord.

-Pray for steadfastness and restoration because our schedules are packed as staff and students so we can avoid spiritual or physical burnout.

-Pray for staff and students to remain faithful in raising all their support.

Brian Dang

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