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Thursday, July 1, 2010: Sy Rogers

Sy Rogers spoke to us today on his life and his triumph over his sexual appetite. I won't be able to review everything Sy Rogers talked about but I can try to cover the basics. He talked initially the problem people may have with Christian workers. These problems are common and misunderstood truths from Christian to resolve someone's immorality. Instead of saying "Stop being gay", Sy addresses the message Christian should proclaim about God is "Stop resisting me." The direction we should point to those who don't believe is not simply be saved but about sustainability miracle is walking on with God.

3 Complaints against Christian workers

1) Unredemptive attitude
Redemptive attitude definition: "I will always point to the redemptive character of God."
God takes away our guilt not our humanity or vulnerability. His desire is to teach us how to manage our desires.
1 Corinthians 5 Biblical view of sexuality.
There are only 6 scriptures verses that talks about homosexuality but little is said against it directly. But the Bible is clear it doesn't endorse homosexuality. Before we think about converting homosexuals into our heterosexual thinking, first base is to letting them recognize surrender to God.
"With enough influence of neighbors, you can change the culture."
Main point to redemptive attitude- God does not approve sin but he will still love you even if you do sin.

C.S. Lewis "Jut because mother nature approve your corrupted nature, doesn't make you right because mother nature is actually your evil step sister." The idea of our humanity born with a sin nature doesn't vindicate us right to continue sinning.

2) Ineffective Ministry
Knowing your limitations will benefit how you will do ministry. Just because you receive pastoral training does not qualify you to accurately speak counseling advice into someone's life. A pastor train in theology are well equip to do spiritual warfare against Satan and demonic world but not trained in brain training or psychological defect to the brain. Direct other people problems to other trained individuals so their needs can be met effectively.
What is the definition of sin?
Sin: Failure to do what God wants
God has a deliberate purpose behind his design if we fail to meet those purpose we had sin.
For some we are able to meet God's design but does not mean we had gained his favor.
Others some are able to gain his favor but had not met his design purposes.
For example, there's no doubt in my mind homosexuals have the same capacity to be loved and love others but they do not meet God's design element. Some homosexual who attend a pro-gay church may have theological knowledge and favor of God but still does not recognized God as creator with a set of instructions of how He intended his design as us as human beings in His image.
Then there are those who are capable to meet God's instruction for our bodies as his design, but that does not mean we are doing it in his favor. Those who have premarital sex falls into this category and do not recognize God's favor of our bodies within certain parameters.

The Hebrews word for mislead is better translated as "other people who corrupted me". Weakness is not a character flaw but a a disability you cannot fix. 2 Corinthians 5:17 Many Christians believe "If I'm bad, God is mad" which is a complete fallacy.
In our "earth suit" human bodies, we are weak. True to our bodies is true to our souls. We train our bodies to be healthy, so must we do with our souls. "I was born-again but walking with God is a skill." Sy Rogers
There are 3 ways why one sin:
1) I sin because I repress.
2) I sin because I am mislead.
3) I sin because I am weak.

Greek word for an advocate is "Koine" which is Christ. The Greek word for "return to the father" speak about this idea of repentance turing 180 degree from sin toward God not simply a behavioral change.
There is a list of reasons why we sin:
  • Cultural influences (Television, Internet, peer group, etc)
  • Generational influences (DNA, genetics, family, etc)
  • Spiritual handicap (sin nature)
  • Satan (our enemy)

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