Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday, June 25, 2010 Makoto Fujimura Story

Today we went out to the new Mets stadium called Citi Field. I left at the 6th inning and the Mets were leading it. I saw the final score as I return home 5-2 Mets. The fun part was Chris Du was able to make it to the game so I got some valuable time catching up while enjoying the game.

Today we were assigned into our collaboration groups for the exhibition and I am paired up with Jayson and Sunny. I know Jayson and Sunny I haven't spend much time with but I'm fine with working in different people. Jayson seem like a mature individual who has something thoughtful to say each time because of how engage he is. He work in paint as his craft and focus on texture a lot. He is a good drawer from what I saw him draw of figures in his sketches. Sunny is a mature individual often misunderstood because of her quiet observant manner, remind me of myself. She has a playful personality once she let down her guard and can work well with others. I can see our group dynamic working well together with Jayson as one of the key voice of facilitating the group thought process. I will be fully engage and prepare my best to set my group up for success being a full participant in the artistic direction of the collaboration as well as coaching the group about a timeline of getting things together. Each group receive a word and there are 7 groups so there are 7 words. The words are reunion, invitation, betrayal, pursuit, intimacy, anticipation, and . We ask ourselves to reflect and think deeply to try to understand the word we are assigned to before getting into groups tomorrow to discuss our thoughts. We will be dialoguing with people on the streets as well about our word of "betrayal". I can't wait to get started.

Today Makoto Fujimura graciously came into the NYCAMS space and give an overview of his life story before the rest of our day in studio time. Makoto is a Japanese- American 2nd generation in his family. He went to school at University of Massachusetts and received an international scholarship to study an ancient Japanese technique of painting with crushed and grind up of raw minerals called Hiroshi Senju . The artwork Makoto creates is representational of his bilingual experience being part Japanese and American and learning how things work different in America. His artwork is a combination of modern contemporary art and eastern technique of art. Makoto was saved through his artwork which convicted him of the beauty of God through it. Makoto testimony of coming to a saving faith one year after his wife accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior. He joined with his wife aboard Campus Crusade for Christ staff and discover his love of working with creatives. His dream for international art movement is toe emphasis making it possible.

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