Sunday, June 13, 2010

June 13, 2010

Day 2 of Tribeca Arts Summer Project 2010
Today was a long and tiring yet exciting and glorious day because Sunday mornings are the day of observing the Sabbath. Today I observe a lot of divine 'intersections' with the divine God. His majesty occurred in attending the Ethical Society Culture Center twice one at 9 am at Redeemer Church and Vision Church at 5pm with my friend Joey. Today message was about something probably lacking in most churches the talk of the illness of money: 1) illness of saving-hoarding money Luke 11 & 2) illness of selling money- consumerism. It make sense for Pastor Scott at Redeemer to talk about this topic living in New York City where people judge you upon your social economic status, what career you have, what car you drive, where you live, what cloths/fashion you wear, etc. My thoughts are this is exactly what God has been meaning to teach me in practically offering and surrendering what I perceived as my own money for Godly purposes. For the past year I been intentionally supporting friends and others I share in their ministry vision on their mission field/trip from anywhere as Brett Barkley's vision of working closely with international students living in Chicago, IL to partnering with Andrew Kim's ministry at my own campus-George Mason University.
The second service I attend late talked heavily upon the meaning of worship. What is true worship? Is it a song sung on Sunday's morning? What is the best kind of worship? Jazz like Redeemer? Or contemporary rock like Megachurch like Mclean? Or Hymns like Korean Presbyterian Church? Meaning of worship comes from the meaning of "breaking yourself to be a blessing to others" like Christ to appreciate your personal Savior as a living sacrifice consistently for our illness- called sin. Some of the thing that stuck out to me was that worship is staying close to God at any place and time. That happened today especially when I got frustrated that I did not plan accordingly for commuting time to Joey's church Vision and it pour rain after I made multiple transfers to get to 66th St at the Ethical Center. Through all this I can still praise God for today and putting worth on a broken vessel like myself. I will leave with one of the reflection questions asked to us: "Is my entire lifestyle an act of worship?"

Prayer Request
  • I'm no natural leader; I'm a better follower than a leader often time but I'm called to lead on Tribeca Arts Summer Project 2010 disciplining 3 solid guys who come from christian homes. I feel unequipped yet know this is what I asked for to stretch my faith in leading this summer. Pray for faith in God to help me to offer myself and believe I have something to offer to my disciples.
  • Pray for my responsibilities and role as a student intern in helping lead prayer every Wednesday, keeping track of art supplies/inventory, as well as personal promotion for the art show.
  • Continue to pray for support as any will much appreciated for this project students and staff included.
  • Pray for myself and others to take step of faith and be bold and courageous to proclaim and testify God's glorious name and gracious gospel here in NYC.
  • Pray for unity amongst the Tribeca Arts group with a variety of preconceived barriers from people's different backgrounds (different ages, majors, schools, families, countries, states, personality, etc)

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