Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday, July 16, 2010 Free Day

Today was a free day but we did have an art track devotional and spend some morning time journaling. The art track staff and interns briefly had a meeting talking about tear down and any updates about the opening. Apparently a lot of the art mentors came today or yesterday opening. A lot of other people came as well friends of the students or staff. Anthony shared with us that one of Lauren H.'s friend who recently moved into the city came to the show. She spent a lot of time in our exhibit and when she walked into the "intimacy" house she spent a long time reading those private secret messages written on those tags and came out in tears. Apparently the exhibit had some impact on her and I see it as a sign from God as one success story that our exhibit had made some eternal impact.

Later today we had time to be tourist and I went to see the movie Inception with they guys and Emily. Afterwards I met up Caleb and Norah at the Metropolitan Museum and head back to NYCAMS to gather folks to go to South Ferry, which is an amazing sight to see at night.

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