Saturday, July 10, 2010

Saturday July 10, 2010 Four more days till Opening!

Today I finish the last layer of my light box images. The finish product starts out with the appearance of an old defeated man starring at a victim he betrayed. As you flicker the switch you can see the image behind his past moment of being the betrayer.
Today I enjoyed two subway street performances one guy playing soulful music and singing on 14th Street Union Square and another mexican trio at Time Square. This is one thing I love about the city with variety of music and people passion to be heard. God would love for everyone of us to find out the convictions God bestow upon us and make a passion out of the things we love to glorify Him.
Lauren K. pitch her group "Sacrifice" last update before the gallery opening. The group is building a structure and space where individual will be lead through the opening with one of their senses blindfold, or loss of hearing, to experience a sacrifice of one of their senses.
Jayson's drawing of "betrayal" on peach cream paper. The piece is of his past girlfriends and each character represent a specific desire we have which betrays God when we put that desire in the forefront of our lives.
Favorite Quote of the Day
"Hammer time!" Lauren K
"Flashback. You guy sewing and chicken wire and the smell of sawdust." Kari
"You should title it 'Sex Box'." Kari
"I do nudes everyday..." Larry "Shouldn't it be 'I drew nudes?'" Kari

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