Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sunday, July 3, 2010

We went to a place called Chili Thai which David suggested and it was great. The restaurant is a small space and you can't imagine people fitting inside this space when you walk in on 9th avenue on 50th Street. I got the crispy calamari with plum sauce and salmon soup to start. For my entree I got the spicy duck stir-fried with white rice which was good. We went from there to the Amish Market which has a lot of grocery food except I believe it was more fresh and organic. There I got cereal, ice cream, and string cheese. From there we went to the M & M store which I got the most expensive $17 bag of speciality M & M mixed colored candy.

Daniel Baltzer is a friend of Eric Helvic who is Caleb and Jayson art mentor. Daniel Baltzer is a painter you can look at his artwork at Daniel Baltzer is a painter as well base in Harlem where his studio is which we had a chance to see today. His work is all about connectivity and this globalization that is changing how we interact with each other. The series of paintings he tie in technology broadcasting and how we communicate to weave society, ideas, thoughts, humanity together through this one social network. It make me think the world is a lot smaller than we think although I don't know who's who is connected to who in this world. It is like God's kingdom building upon the idea that we like to see the kingdom of God grow within our movements and churches yet we don't know who's being add on just that we know we are doing our part piecing it all together. It remind me of a book by Jesse Rice who wrote The Church of Facebook. This book talks about the same kind of issue Daniel is talking about in his artwork the idea of inter-connectiveness. I'm glad to visit and see Daniel Baltzer space and how he work. He is a Christian artist who goes to Eric's church and Eric thought Jayson who benefit from hearing Daniel and his connection with people at Wallstreet Art Academy in New York where Jayson is considering to transfer to.

On the way to Eric's place we saw this in the sky. At first Jayson thought it was funny the clouds look like this, until he say words are being spelled out in the sky by airplanes of Geico. At Eric's place he gave us some good feedback after hearing our art project pitch. Eric suggest Jayson and I take a look at Francis Bacon because of the claustrophobic closest like space are referencing and he suggest we follow Bacon's use of a light chain in his paintings into our space.
Caleb group represent their final idea of an installation space where they will use invitation cards cut out into shape of leaves in a pile. The cards represent the many different invitations we are overwhelmingly invited to each day and the obsessiveness of other people wanting a part of our business. The cards will be personally hand written and from what I heard be made from cardboard stock for weight posted on chicken wire. Eric Helvic gave us some suggestion for Caleb's group to consider referencing Cuban artist at Harvard by the name of Felix Gonzalez-Torres who does similar installation of piles but his pile is of candy. Eric suggest the possibility of guest being able to take an invitation from the pile of invitation leaves.

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