Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunday, July 4, 2010 Bye Bye Red Sea

Quote of the Day
"This sweet tea have too much pulp." Adam

We had lunch at Speedy's a cafe on 33rd Street and broadway. Afterwards the art track gathered at NYCAMS for snack and games playing Taboo. We played till we were tired of it as everyone leisurely laid around and enjoy each other company. Later some of us went west toward the Hudson River to see the fireworks, but I didn't go hence no pictures of fireworks. I stayed inside at NYCAMS stress free from weaving through crowds to see some puff in the sky. I stayed with a group of nine other people as we decide to venture out for dinner. Everything was close so we decide to cook a potluck pasta and chicken marinara sauce with bread and fruit salad. We shopped at World Market on 7 avenue and 24th Street and cooked for a good hour and half before fully enjoying our meal. By the time we finish cooking the rest of the students came back from the firework show. We heard the noise of the firework being set off from NYCAMS. Apparently the show lasted for a good 15-20 minutes. We clean up and called it a day because tomorrow is a busy day of going to visit mosques and synagogues and our MNM (Monday Night Meeting) hosted by the inner city track which will includes us doing homeless outreach with brown bag dinner (peanut butter and jelly sandwich, with fruit, and beverage).

Happy Independence Day! Celebrating America's 234th birthday. Today I went with Caleb and Rebecca (Bridges Track) to Bethel Gospel Assembly again in Harlem at their 8am service. It was quite a trip waking up at to depart at 7am to make it on time to service. The pastor gave a sermon on Moses decision at the Red sea. Moses declare the Israelites independence from the Egyptians when he decide to lead his people across the Red sea God parted. Only because of Moses' faith did he trusted God would hold up the storm in his path did Moses cross. Moses could've doubted God's capabilities about the uncertain future to runaway from the Pharaohs. But like Moses' declaration of independence and America's independence , so must we choose to pursue after a life after God and runaway from sin. The worship was as usual amazing with powerful chords and vocals. I can't imagine singing 6 songs for worship practically non-stop without rest with such intensity and projection. I was singing along and start losing my voice and feeling my throat get scratchy. I really felt the sermon was appropriate to today's holiday as we recognized God is bigger than America's problems. We recognize a powerful God who saves and healed the brokenhearted with praise from the pastor of a congregation man who to medical worker is a miracle surviving several blackouts in his old age.

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