Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday, July 2, 2010:

Today was our last free time before our representation of our proposal for our group collaboration project. This is an example of the visual brainstorming developed by the group "pursuit". The day started out with Sy Rogers speaking again about the 9 points why we struggle with sin. He dive into issue of emotional stability and prevention of burn out in full-time ministry. Because of the emotional unpacking of his job requires and demands of him he often take need breaks in the year usually 2 months but this year he took off 3 months to recuperate. The rest of the time today he talked about how we can handle the psychological process of growth in a child to adulthood. The reason he mention this is the earliest exposure of sexual content of an adult is when they were at the early age of eight which is shocking to hear. He discuss the neuroscience and the chemical actechyel which trigger our response to our cognitive development of a decision which result in our behavior. We are wired to react automatically to our environment to behaviors already set by our programming of our brain whether good or bad. This wiring process is training of our brains from pattern long been practice by us. If we have bad habits it will take time to reprogram our brain. For sexual appetite such as pornography it will take 2-5 years of reprogramming and trainig of our brain from these pornographic images. We can always reverse our thoughts but there are consequences. A lot of Christian mistake being save God will zap our condition into His new creation automatically when most of the time God solution to our sexual appetite is a process to recovery. This is one of many things Sy taught us. When I have more time maybe I will read my notes and blog more about what Sy taught us.

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