Monday, July 12, 2010

Mondayy, July 12, 2010: 3 Days till Opening!

Tonight was M&NM and the campus track hosted it at the Inner City Here's Inner City Warehouse on Steinman and 36th Street off of 33rd Street on the 7 trains in Queens. The warehouse was a furnace even with fans running so everyone was sweating and hot. The night we talked about the word "sacrifice" and what it means. A student from each of the 5 tracks gave a story from their lives how the significant of the word "sacrifice". Kristine from the Arts track came up talking about what an irony to think anything is a "sacrifice" because truthfully everything we own is God, so if God take something away how is it a sacrifice if it belongs to Him already? She talks about what a blessing being on this art project is yet knowing her family is going through grief of her dad hospitalized she wish she be with her family and fix their brokenness. But it is as if God ask her to surrender her family ideals to His' hands who lives in Indiana while she goes to school in Arizona and spending a fun time in New York. We end the night with worship lead by the campus track.
During M&N&M we wrote on sticky notes something we are committed in sacrificing this semester for God. I wrote: "I'm willing to sacrifice my time my senior year to build into freshmen."
Jayson's drrawing for his lightbox.
Sacrifice tent
They finish their handmade fabric walls with sand and plants inside as well as a fan. The group plan on leading viewers inside sacrificing one of their senses to prove the point that sacrifice is not always a bad thing. When we sacrifice we receive an award for our loss.

Favorite Quote
"You know the movie have in their top 10 but no one likes- Ocean 11." Adam

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