Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday, July 9, 2010: Tomorrow our Critique!

Fairy Tales are not just kiddie stories anymore they have real life implication as the "Reunion" group discover with biblical story tale endings. Scriptures tell us to be reunited with our enemies and often we don't account it to our lives. Our lives can be like this picture of Jayson and Natalie dressed up as the Wolf and Little Red Ridden Hood. We went to Central Park and received a lot of stares as Joseph and Tiffany photographs their series of fairy tales characters.
Your favorite childhood tale of the Turtle and the Hare race starring Jayson and Sunny tied today in a 3-legged race. Talk about reunion, being tied together to finish a race doesn't get more reunited than that. So who won?
Jayson busy using graphite drawing on his imagery for the "betrayal" group.
Morning Devotional delivered by Joseph with chairs in a family style format.
Jayson sharpen his 2H pencils with a knife. Look how sharp they are.
The staff meeting we had lunch over New Yorker pepperoni, cheese, and mushroom pizza. We talked about the "storm before the calm" in the midst of the most busiest part of project getting ready and preparation for our big gallery opening night on Thursday. Please pray for the following:
Pray for unity as we come together while setting up the space and contribute to make this a glorifying time for the work we done.
Pray for the Spirit to be alive in our studio time as we have conflict with each other and feel stressed out.
Pray for the staff responsibilities will be manageable as we promote and invite guests and prepare for the opening.
Pray for incoming guests and people to be welcome into the space with a heart to hear and listen to what the work say about themselves about the words being portrayed: Betrayal, Sacrifice, Pursuit, Intimacy, Anticipation, Invitation and Reunion.
Favorite Quote of the Day
"I been breathing too many sharpie" Brian

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