Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesday, July 13, 2010 Rick James: Backstory

Today we accomplish so much in a day. At Campus Crusade office we heard from Rick James the author of Backstory which is a Campus Crusade tool to share the gospel in a story format. It has 7 points unlike the KGP which has 4 but same message.
1) Starting with the "intimacy" with God wish of us,
2) but "intimacy" was loss when we "betrayal" God.
3) We anticipate a hope from God to restore this brokenness.
4) God "pursuit" of us pour upon His grace upon us,
5) to do so God had to "sacrifice" His only Son for us.
6) He welcomes us to an "invitation" into his trust to receive the gift of Christ's "sacrifice".
7) We are finally at a climax of "reunion" with God because we believe in the gift of Christ.
The use of backstory is a longer dialogue with someone so he explain how and when you should use Backstory.
Benefit of Backstory is people can internalize the gospel more deeply and understand the meaning of these words.
A lot of the "Christianese" words we use like "sin", "repent", "redeem" have little meaning in a post-modern which does not have context of history for these words as much in our present day.
I like the visual aspect of Backstory and the storyline of the scheme so I can see myself using something like this as a follow-up with those I share the gospel initially with who had never heard of the gospel before.

I went running with Caleb in the morning west toward the Hudson River and south toward Chelsea Pier which we rest and enjoyed the view before heading back to shower and clean up for Rick's James presenting Backstory.
Ran into this staircase on 28th street, thought it was a photo opportunity waiting to happen as if someone want our attention.
I'm so proud of my team figuring out an obstacle today nailing drywall screws into thin drywall with help from Jonathan and Adam. Thanks a lot. I'm so relieved we are close to finishing our project it looks great. I will post the final thing once the show opening begin. Tomorrow the only thing we need to finish is tacking our imagery on to our light boxes.
The intimacy group is hanging secrets of people on our project written on tags on their red fabric. Looks good guys.
The invitation group working hard on cutting our those invitation leaves to make an illusion of a pile of leaves in the center of the gallery flooring.

Quote of the Day
‎"Can you take a picture of me that doesnt look unattractive for once?" Sunny
"How bout this one?" Brian
"ehh......whatever" Sunny

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