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1st Year of Grad School DONE!

Chicken Attack

New York Academy of Art 
Deck the Walls
My "McDonald's Breakfast" painting sold for $300. 

I still can't believe it been a year. Sorry for not posting any updates been so busy with my summer vacation oversea in Asia and moving right away to New York City for graduate school at the New York Academy of Art. I have grown a lot over the year and feel like a New Yorker within these past 9-10 months. My favorite memories of New York is when I realize how things a lot smaller, living area, bumping shoulder-to-shoulder with other people on the subway, and when you mistake a rat for a squirrel in NYC parks. I don't miss the rats at all seeing those beady eyes and little things crawling along the wall of my studio outside of school. Oh yeah I have an outside studio on West Broadway near Canal intersection with other freelancer artists (only temporarily though).

                                        At open house with Tanya from Liberty Church.

Sketchbook drawing of me by the talented Nicolas Sanchez.

New York Academy of Art (NYAA)
What do I not like about this school...
I think its a great artist community not just an institution having a lot of recognition over the years with alumni who are getting notice in New York such as Alyssa Monk, Will Kurtz, John O'Reilly, and most recent alumni Aleah Chapin (finalist of the National Portrait Gallery BP Portrait award).

Several of the talent Alumni had gone back to teach at this great institution which I had the privilege of studying with.

Jean-Pierre Roy alumni of NYAA in 2002 and fellow 2003. I had the privilege of being in his Direct and Indirect Painting this past year which he had been a help to my visual grammar development of understanding light, color palettes, underpainting technique.

John Jacobmeyer a Yale alumni served as a great resource for my understanding of composition taking his Composition and Design I & II. His sly humor might get some use to but he has a great depth of art history from an artist point-of-view. I learn a great deal about geometry in composition, open & close form composition, reading a composition semoitically, etc. He was also my direct connect to New York Academy visiting my undergraduate at George Mason to give an artist lecture as well critique my body of work.

Edgar Jerin an alumni from Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art come dress casually west-coat hawaiian beach shirt each class but don't be fool by his lax demeanor. His work is inspiring showing a lot of dedication to his practice as a painter although he is know primarily for his larger-than-life charcoal drawings of his personal struggle growing up. His intensity in his work show in how he teach with I believe the best attendance of any class I have so far at NYAA I don't believe many people miss his class because how much attention he give toward his students.

Frederick Mershimer one of the best professor I had yet being a beginner at printmaking. I only had a brief introduction with printmaking taking a silkscreen and intaglio beginning introduction class at my undergrad. I want to get into printmaking again and knew this was the class I should take. I had to learn how unforgiving printmaking on copper is. To erase marks I learn quickly you have to sandpaper the mark on the plate till they are gone. Yet despite the learning curve I enjoy learning the intaglio slow process because of Fred being a great mentor demonstrating for us as well watch over our shoulder if we are doing it correctly.

Along with faculty professors we have senior critics. Jenny Saville, Eric Fischl (thanks for critique my work), Vincent Desiderio, Will Cotton, and Steven Assael (thanks for instructing me in Drawing/Painting) critique student work on a regular basis as well give lectures and lead Master Classes. We have as well visiting critiques some artists or art writers come to give feed back on student works-Ken Johnson art writer of New York Times, Laurie Hogan (whom I have have the privilege of taking a master class with), etc.

2nd year students were pretty cool they weren't so intimidating as I thought. 
Shout out to:
Jacob Hicks (good luck in Giverny, France) your cultural chandler and totem pole are pretty unique (
Holly Ann Sailor I don't know any other 2nd year who work as hard as you do thanks for the help in the printmaking shop. (
Adam LaMothe love your fast-food menu painting your bacon series work don't know anyone else who can produce as much paintings as you do. (
Nick Borelli your texture paintings are pretty unique glad you were in my intaglio class.
Angela Gram I love your animal paintings I don't think had quite enough time to just look at them more at the texture of fur, feather, animal skin in your work. (
Jon Beer I read your blog and find it intellectually stimulating for my visual dialogue good luck on being 2012-2013 fellow see you in July at Spinnerei LIA artist residency. (
Aleah Chapin congrats on your BP Portrait nomination and being 2012-2013 fellow. (
Nicolas Holiber I think you should grow out yoru beard again and have a beard growing contest. Thanks for the tip on your experience in Leipzig. Congrats on being 2012-2013 fellow see you when school start again. (
Congrats to all the other 2nd years as well hope your post-grad experience goes well.

As far as community is concern I love it on the second floor surround by talented peers 1st and 2nd years. Notable names:
Robert Plater (good luck in Giverny, France) for being a companion my first year of grad 
Cory Dixion I think you're one of the coolest Canadian I met so far good luck in Shanghai China. Btw this white guy can dunk just ask him. (
Nicolas Sanchez coolest Mexican artist I know good luck in Shanghai, China. (
Daniel Bilodeau good luck in Giverny, France also a cool Canadian who I got a chance to be studio buddy with across from my studio. (
Yunsung Kim coolest Korean artist I know very knowledge and humble about his talent and touch in drawing. Look forward to next year seeing some more of your work. Bigger the better.
Jessica Augier our talented printmaker/printmaking shop tech thanks for your dedication in making the shop run efficiently and effectively and getting supplies which seem to run out all the time.
Kristy Gordon also a cool Canadian and pretty awesome painter. Thanks for inviting me to the Morgan Library to draw from old masters look forward to more visits. Good luck in Shanghai, China. (
Sherry Di Filippo your drawings and animation are pretty awesome also good luck with the Dedalus scholarship.
Dave Wager cool Californian artist look forward to next year with you again on the 2nd floor. (
Sam Detch being the coolest Michigan man I know plus your self-portrait bust is pretty awesome. 
Noelle Timmons your body of work on lights are pretty fascinating love your sense of color. Can't wait to see what you produce this summer. 
Megan Ewert Good luck in Shanghai, China can't wait to see what kind of work you produce over there. See you on the 2nd floor next year studio buddy. 
Elizabeth Glaessner thanks for being my studio mate at the beginning of the year. It seem like it work out after all since we're spending this summer on the Leipzig Residency. Can't wait to see what body of work you produce this summer. Good luck. (
Shannon Kennedy enjoy using my studio this summer can't wait to see what you produce this summer and next year and going to miss you on the 2nd floor. (
Daniela Kovacic coolest Chilean gal I know see you next year on the 2nd floor! 
Robert Claude Fundis III you're one of the coolest guy I met at the NYAA and I'm not exaggerating. Thanks for fixing my bed while here at LIA glad we're studiomate/roommates. Can't wait to see your work you make while here in Leipzig. 

Thanks to notable alumni: 
Guno Park for being there whenever there's a tech problem and being the best TA I have so far (
Ian Healy NYAA 2011-2012 fellow for the critique on my chicken paintings (
Emily Adams for taking several of us plein air painting by the Hudson River 
Aliene de Souza Howell for giving that Germany travel book it sure did help plus I think your prints are bad ass. Animal lovers unite. (

What a great year... it only get better can't wait for 2nd year of hard work but fill with excitement. This summer I'm away June 1st-July 31st at Spinnerei LIA (Leipzig International Artist Residency) sponsored in part by NYAA as reward to 1st year students who are noted for their hard work. I was one of the finalist with 3 others: Elizabet Glaessner, Noelle Timmons, and Robert Fundis III. 

What a year. Till next year...

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