Monday, May 23, 2011

Not End of the World But End of My GMU Chapter

I started at Mason as a freshman in 2005 and its 2011 a good 5-6 years of undergraduate. During those times I learned so much about becoming an artist and becoming a better person. I feel a sense of closure looking at the celebration of laboring so hard to earn this official document that acknowledge my time here at Mason. My BFA thesis was well received by family and friends who all share in my joy of something I labor over for the past 3 months make it all worthwhile. Seeing my friends graduate and walk across that stage to get a fake diploma bring me smiles. Even as I walk across to receive that piece of paper I promise I won't cry. I didn't get emotion but took my time receiving that prized moment of shaking the Dean hand and hugging the Chair of my school. I realize I will miss Mason more than I thought, because the friends and community I had developed over the years will move on. I will finally move on. Both bring bittersweet feelings for me. Here to an end of a chapter and a new chapter awaits for me in NYC. Cheers!

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