Wednesday, June 6, 2012

David Schnell: Our Visiting Artist Mid-Critique Beginning of June

David Schnell, Ballen, 2003, oil and tempera on canvas, 74 13/16" x 114 3/16".  Collection of  The Zabludowicz Art Trust. 

     I still can't believe Anna-Louise is trying to not only get Neo Rauch to come to LIA to critique our work but also his counterpart David Schnell (1971 Bergish Gladbach, Germany) from the Academy of Visual Art where most of these artist later teach at New Leipzig School of Fine Art.
Galerie EIGEN+ART: David Schnell
Schnell co-founder of the Berlin Liga Galerie with Arno Rink is an abstraction landscape painter who have viewer reflect on nature being undercut by our direct, urban surroundings. Much like Neo Rauch his  paintings reflect a multiple perspective angle but instead of figures with our surroundings using bright colors. His perspective come straight from Renaissance sacred geometry (Jacobsmeyer would appreciate) but also from today calculated video game first person simulation. His landscape are formed  at the point where disjuncture comes in a video game world at the point where everything seem to fail and fall apart where scene break up into pile of components.

     It be quite interesting to see how Schnell will view my different perspective painting. As well Schnell work has a few words to say about the failure of Germany government falling apart after the fall of Berlin wall. He can speak into my thoughts of German agricultural reform and ecology renewal of energy. The sense of speed of time is important to his work and passage of time. I wonder how he will view my passage of time in how I paint time through narration and figuration.

Schnell exhibited in Europe, Korea, China, and United States.  He had recent work in this year Frieze Art Fair New York 2012,  and the Armory Show 2010,

David Schnell Creates Church Windows in

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